ViP Support

A ViP Connect membership is the best accessory for any Mac, iPhone, or iPad... and it is only avialable for apple devices purchased at iWorld.

Enjoy the benifits of having your local Apple Expert avaialble to help you get your new product setup, make sure that you learn how to get the most out of it with personalized training, and never be without an important device with our Apple rental program.

ViP Connect is Availble for Mac for only $199, your benefits last as long as your AppleCare period, so dont forget to add the AppleCare Protection Plan to your Mac computer to extend your benifits to 3 full years!

Come back and trade-up while in your AppleCare period and all of your benifits renew for free! That is a savings of $199, AND get all of the awesome benifits again!

ViP Proactive Support - Exclusively from iWorld Connect, ViP Proactive Support gives you peace-of-mind for your Mac. Think of it as a home-alarm for your computer! We will let you know if your data is at risk, if you have viruses or malware in your computer or even if your backup has not been done recently. Now you can relax, knowing you have ViP Proactive Support.

Data transfer

New Product Setup - Getting off to the right start is the best way to make enjoy your new Mac. We will provide an orientation to MacOS, explain and setup the security features of your Mac, setup your iCloud account, Mail App, help install any programs you would like and make sure all of your accessories are ready to go!

Data transfer

Data Transfer from your old Mac or PC - We will transfer all of your files, email, pictures, and applications into your new Mac!  Keep in mind that some file types or programs will not run on new computers, but dont worry, if its really important we can help you make it work!

Two Personalized Training Sessions - Want to know your Mac better? How to do things faster? or just dont know if its broken... or if its you? With your ViP Connect membership you get two 30-minute training sessions with an Apple expert.

Complimentary Mac Rental - Today, we rely on our computers for just about everything! If your Mac needs hardware repair service within its AppleCare period we want to make sure that you dont miss out on anything!  As a ViP Connect member you will be elegible for a complimentary 3-day device rental! Need it for longer - no problem - its just $20 per additional day. 

ViP Connect is Availble for iphone and ipad for only $99, your benefits last as long as your AppleCare period, so dont forget to add applecare+ to your iphone or ipad to extend your benifits to 2 full years!

Don't forget to trade-in while in your AppleCare period! - when you are a ViP Connect member all of your benifits renew for free! That means you save the $99 membership fee AND get all of the awesome benifits again!

New Product Steup - A new iPhone or iPad is super exciting! As long as everything works properly. We will help you get your iCloud, email, and other settings configured just the way you like. 

Personalized Training Sessions - There is so many new things you can do with your iPhone or iPad! With your ViP Connect membership you get two 30-minute training sessions with an Apple expert so you can learn some new tips and tricks.

Complimentary iPhone or iPad rental - It is basically impossible to be without our iPhones these days, so we want to make sure youre not! As a ViP Connect member you will be elegible for a complimentary 3-day device rental if your device requires AppleCare service! Need it for longer - no problem - its just $20 per additional day. 

The iWorld ViP Club Program is a client program, which benefits are redeemable exclusively at iWorld Connect locations. The iWorld ViP Program must be purchased for each individual Mac, iPad or iPhone. 

By utilizing the services of iWorld Connect you agree to ALL Terms & Conditions listed on the back of your iWorld Connect invoice including:

  • The Client herein acknowledges that the iWorld Connect,  is not responsible for the Client’s information, including without limitation, data files, documents, passwords, email addresses or any other such information that the Client may, or may not, deem as personal or confidential.  By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, the Client herein agrees to hold harmless the iWorld Connect for any loss of information that may result from the performance of Services by the iWorld Connect.
  • The Client herein acknowledges that the Client has removed all confidential information from any device prior to the delivery of the device to iWorld Connect for training, service, remote support, replacement, upgrade, inspection, storage, trade, recycle, abandonment, or any other reason. Client herein acknowledges that iWorld Connect is not responsible for Client’s information, including without limitation, data files, documents, passwords, email address, or any other such information the Client may, or may not, deem as personal or confidential.

Some services & products may be purchased separately.

iWorld reserves the right to adjust program or revoke privileges at any time.

Any refunds will be offset by the retail value of services and products redeemed.

Electronic registration of the membership is required. 

Membership must be registered with the serial number of the Apple device owned. Memberships are valid for the AppleCare period of device purchased with the ViP Club Membership. Purchasing AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare+ from iWorld only will extend the benefits of the program.  Extended AppleCare  purchased from sources other than iWorld Connect will not extend the coverage.

This membership does not replace the hardware warranty or provide phone support. Those services are available through the AppleCare Protection Plan. 

Should the device that the iWorld ViP Connect program is associated with be damaged, lost or stolen, the remaining, unredeemed benefits can be transferred at no charge to the replacement device, so long as it is purchased from iWorld.

New Product Setup - Including iCloud, email, and Apple ID, Product setup will include the basic configuration of an iPad, iPhone or Mac.  Clients will receive assistance in transferring data from a previous device, orientation to operating system, setup of security features of the device, an iCloud account, and setup of the Mail App.  Any screen shields, cases or accessories will be installed. The Setup time is limited to 60 minutes, client must supply all relevant account information including user names and passwords. - $60 value

Personal Training - Subject to availability, training sessions must be booked with the store or in advance online at Training offered will be limited to the software that is included with the device purchased. Additional training curriculum will vary by iWorld location. Advanced training offerings may be available at an additional cost. - $60 value

Data Transfer Service - PC Data Transfer - Includes basic data transfer from a functioning Windows PC of the users documents, music, photos, and movies. It does not include sorting of music, photos or movie files into the Macintosh application. Mail and Contact data is included only if the PC mail program is compatible with standard transfers. Additional costs may apply should file conversions be needed or removal of the hard drive is required. WestWorld does not transfer files from a corrupt PC hard drive or offer data recovery services for PC hard drives. The retail value of the PC2MAC transfer is $150.

Mac Data Transfer - Mac2Mac Transfer includes OS X to OS X data transfer.  Both computers must be in good working order. Minimum operating system is 10.4.  Retail value of Mac2Mac is $105.

Complimentary rentals - If a device purchased with a ViP membership requires repair service within its AppleCare period, subject to availability iWorld will offer a rental device free of charge for a period of three calendar days. Rental products require a valid ID and credit card. The replacement value of the rental will be charged to the credit card, and refunded when product is returned in as-rented condition. Extended rentals are available for $20 per additional day. Data transfer services are available at an additional fee. All devices rented must be in accordance to iWorld’s policies.  This includes - that the client bear all responsibility for the property.  Any damage or loss will be paid for by the client. The client bears all responsibility for the data on the rented device. - $150 value

ViP Proactive Support - Complimentary malware, system performance, and backup monitoring for your Mac - $49/year

ViP Support is a secure system preference that allows iWorld to contact the user if there is system issues. iWorld Connect will provide notification to the client if there is detection of malware, hardware failure, limited warranty expiration, backup system failures and other system failures. The end-user has full control over what is reported, and can unistall the system preference at any time. ViP Proactive Support is installed by the store when setting up the Mac.